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Cash for Votes

What happened yesterday at the Indian parliament was a sheer disgrace to the entire country. I can’t believe we have voted such thugs into power. Cash for votes, that’s the name they gave to the scandal. It is shameful that we have such indecent, immoral leaders leading us ahead (or backwards).


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The last few days have been bad for some regions. It started with the cyclone in Myanmar which was followed up by the China earthquake and then came the Jaipur blasts. Jaipur blasts don’t compare in terms of loss to life and property which is mammoth in the other two cases but it does send some really wrong signals towards the safety of human life in India.

The Jaipur blasts surely did shake everyone up. I for one had never heard of any sort of disturbances in jaipur. No major scandals, no murder mysteries, no politicians acting like goons and definitely no terrorist activities. That, however, is what the concern is. The terrorist outfits are no longer claiming to be fighting for a cause. They clearly are acting like killers and this should be reason enough for the govt. to start a BIG drive to wipe them off from India. Killing people in local markets, mandirs and then claiming that they want to scare the Hindus and non supportive Muslims. Bullshit!

Jaipur was considered to be a safe place and look at the kind of seeds of doubt it would have left in various minds. But then again if the seeds of doubt stay then the terrorist outfits would be successful in doing what they planned for -Scare people.

The other two incidents in China and Myanmar should keep us active enough to improve the disaster control facilities in the country. These are costs that will appear as unnecessary till the time one actually faces the same. The past experience in India in terms of disaster management has not been the best. However, I am still sure the government shall only react when the need arises. Baah! why am I even thinking about it…

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Raj Thackrey – Shameless

My cabbie yesterday asked me about my views on the non-Mumbaiite furore that happened some days. While I could say nothing more than the fact that the incident is a clear case of dirty politics and is reflective of the lack of good leaders, my cabbie had another important observation.

He said- ” Ji koi pooche Thackrey se, Bhagat Singh ne Punjaab ko aazaad karwaya tha ya India ko. In leaders ko sharam aani chaahiye. Inki khaal utaar leni chaahiye”.

Least to say, I see so much of a sense in his statement. I hope some action was taken against Raj and an example set for all others from his school of thought. Shameless and gutless individuals.

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