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Just downloaded google chrome, Google’s answer to internet explorer and Firefox. I have been very happy with Mozilla till now, but Google’s product simplicity impresses me so much that I am definitely testing it out.

First impression is just the same as of any other Google Product. A simple interface which enables fast and convenient browsing. Do check it out fellas. Will review it post usage.


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Spam Control-yahoo, gmail, wordpress

Spam control @yahoo is really terrible. I keep getting (unsolicited :)) mails regarding ideas/medical wonders to do you know what. And these mails come from similar id’s and use common words/subject lines that should easily be identified by a good span control. I am surprised that yahoo being yahoo has never found a good solution to the same. I believe I will only have to every time add these unique id’s (Roselynn Emery, Juliette Fitspatrick and many similar ones) to the ‘this is spam’ category and try to keep my mailbox clean of unwanted mails.

I rarely get spam on my gmail account. But I have faced another problem on gmail. There have been these cases where a mail from my friends has been thrown into spam and I am left wondering if the mail ever left the sender’s mailbox. That is so strange as well. This one time, I was to receive a mail from my client and it never seemed to land in my mailbox. I finally found that mail just in time or i would have missed out on an important deal.

The WordPress spam control has so far been very effective. It has prevented my comments section from unwanted websites that shoot comments based on the post content using programs (what I believe are crawlers). But it has just been a few comments all this while hence I am hoping that the good work continues.

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An Interesting Comparison of the the two blogging sites.

blogger v/s wordpress

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