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My Guitar is here!!!

I bought my first guitar yesterday!!!The Sound is awesome! I dont know how to play a single chord though…:D. More updates later. Have learnt to strum the G,C and D majors right now.


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Simple Update!

  • I have improved my previously pathetic football skills to something worth going to the ground for.
  • I redid my music collection.
  • Went for two movies after long; Saw Sarkaar Raj and 21. Liked the latter more.
  • Loads of changes at office as number of people have left and joined. Nasir Andrabi has gone international (Singapore) for work. A new futchha has joined from IIM K and is now open to abuse by the absence of a system at the organization.[just for saving my arse sake, lemme re emphasize that I insist him not to listen to what people will tell him and work with an open mind]

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Off for a weekend!

I am off to kasauli for a weekend trip with school friends. Wish to come back really refreshed.

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I am reminded today of these lines from a brilliant track called “eye of the tiger”. Check my vodpod videos to watch the entire song. I don’t want to dwell on why these lines hold importance to me today and why I want to seek some inspiration from the same.

So many times, it happens too fast
You change your passion for glory
Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive

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Management Philosophy

Please click on the image to enlargen the image. (text says – Day one, Mid year and day of bonus).  The image is illustrative of things at my end. (Please forgive me for sounding desperate and frustrated)

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Status Quo

For the last two years, I have been telling a number of people that I want to leave my job and get going into either a nascent sector or get working on a business idea. Obviously, i have not been able to do the same till now and I am sure all my friends now have started doubting how much do I really want to do that. The big problem here is that I haven’t found something that is suitable to be starting off with right now. One business idea I have but have made no progress in terms of continuing with the same. While I am writing this I must also declare myself open to discussions on new business ideas (where people think I might be a good fit) or even startups which require individuals to take the business forward to the next level.

Certain sectors which I feel have the stem to zoom ahead in the near future are 1. Education 2. Entertainment 3. E Commerce. The next 10-20 years could see a number of flourishing businesses in the 3E sectors(3Es makes it sound interesting I think :D). We have already started seeing a number of businesses doing well in the education sector and I have a reason to believe that there is loads of value to be added within the same. Entertainment is clearly a consumption story. This morning only I came to know that a tamil film(think the name is dashavtar) has been made on a budget of 150 crores!!! The third E sector- ecommerce is an opportunity waiting to be harnessed. The simple figure of how many people are now using credit cards online could be a case in the making. Or for that sake the success of businesses like travel sites or even make the case even stronger.All in all I would be wanting to look at options in these areas. However, new ideas in various other fields might also interest me depending upon the potential in terms of being able to add value somewhere in the chain.

I have contemplated number of times to just jump into the waters and get going with it but haven’t been able to do so. The reason being certain responsibilities I have taken unto myself to cater to and more importantly the lack of an idea where I have extremely strong conviction in terms of sustainability(still exploring the same for the idea I am working on currently).

To have sustained myself would have become even tougher if I were in a profile that did not give as much freedom as Private banking does. In spite of whatever cribs I might have, Pvt Banking does give an individual the scope of doing things his/her way[without too much use of brains 😦 ]. Anyways, I am looking forward to what lies in the store ahead of me. Hope for the best!

Given the title of the post, I would recommend everyone to listen to the song “In The Army Now” -by this band called status quo. Go on -Enjoy. Click here to go to youtube to listen to the same.

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Lots has happened in the last few days.

1. Regional head left North region and is taking over a new task within the company…New Regional head took over. Have heard a lot good about her. Let’s see.

2. Appraisal happened. Was not good. Am responsible for the same. No Complaints per se.

3. Went to Mussorie with Mom and Dad. We were blessed with good weather. Had a really good time.

4. Was offered a different profile within the company. The profile (no doubt) was good but I refused for a variety of reasons. The move would have taken me to Mumbai.

5. Have a business idea. Am sure I want to pursue it in terms of trying to assess feasibility. Asked a very very close friend if he is interested. He said yes but somehow hasn’t shown any positive reactions in terms of ideas and content.

The last two points obviously hold a lot of importance and could/would be important junctures in my life. Have had to take decisions on both simultaneously. Will work hard to try and ensure that I do not rue my decisions in the future.

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Gang’s gone

I had my share of doubts in terms of adaptability with others when I first joined Kotak (that was 1st Jan,2006). But the transition from college life to office was made smoothly courtesy a group of friends who made my stay in Kotak pleasurable. My core gang@Kotak till date comprised of following:

Nitai Utkarsh, Himadri Chatterjee, Kushagra Bhatnagar – All four of us joined the same time. Hence we at least had a common thread running.

Nasir Andrabi, Jitendra Chawla (JC) – were new to Kotak.

Manpreet Sehgal – Had been with Kotak for a good time.

Howsoever, as time has gone past a lot of changes have taken place and we guys have slowly  been hanging out much lesser. JC is now married and obviously has to spend time with his wife as well, Manpreet left Kotak and has had other obligations to fulfill. Kushagra Bhatnagar has changed 3 jobs ever since and seems to be working really hard right now. HimChat left Kotak couple of months back to join KB and party in setting up the wealth management arm of an upcoming financial services company. Nasir always had to fight hard to spend more time with us coz of his share of responsibilities. Left alone at the end of it were Nitai and me. However, Mr. Utkarsh has also decided to move on to Mumbai with a new role within Kotak.

Left in office now with me are JC and Nasir, both of whom are now settled into their family lives. I realise that the fun quotient at office is going to go down drastically, the hangouts going to be much lesser. Although the new bunch of people at Kotak are really good guys but the core gang is still going to be missed tremendously. I am sure all these guys are destined for bigger things and thats what they are going to achieve.

The gang though is more or less broken now and the common thread gone. We have/would become friends who would keep each other updated on phone and email and hanging out would become an infrequent activity. Sigh!  The stay at Kotak has been good just because of you guys. Wish you all the best people.

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The Small Town effect

I recently spent 4 days at a relative’s place in a small town called Alwar. The city is famous for kalakand (milkcakes) and is around 150 km from Delhi. The town is blessed with all the basic amenities in terms of infrastructure and now has seen growth in terms of modern retailing and branded stores laying foot in the city.

The trip made me think more about the difference in the lifestyle in a metro town like Delhi and a small town. The lifestyle of people at Alwar is so much more relaxed and cosy. The pace of life is simpler and one can afford to stay behind in that as well. There were some stark differences which make living much simpler out there.

  • Cost of Living is much lesser as compared to the other cities. The price difference is so evident even if one is buying fruits. One can go out shopping for grocery with less than 100 bucks in pocket and still save money.
  • The number of cars is extremely low as compared to the number of two wheelers. These towns have got to be the main revenue earners for smaller two wheeler manufactures. I could still spot plenty of Luna bikes in the city. I also observed that women/girls us more number of two wheelers than I would have seen in Delhi.
  • People are more approachable and helpful. I asked someone to guide us and he made sure we understood the way properly. Not just this, there were many similar instances.

I can mention more and more differences observed in the life of a small town and a metro but the overall effect is on the mindset. One can so easy identify a small town gentleman from one from a bigger city. The approach to life is much simpler, expectations closer to the ground and lifestyle even more relaxed.

Sometimes I end up wishing for a small town lifestyle with the infrastructure support of a larger city. But then, if wishes were horses,…

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