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Baisakhi Mela

There is another post coming on the IPL that started yesterday, but this one had to be written. The good lil playground in front of my house was witness to a Baisakhi mela organised by the MLA of my residential area. The chief guest – None other than Mrs. Sheila Dikshit. The event organized had food arrangements for around 3000 people and some ‘ranga rang’ programme. This one time pop artist Shankar Sahni had come over to entertain the crowd (and irritate me). There were some Punjabi jokes, some song performances and off course there was Bhangra. The entire tent resembled the congress colours and the arrangements were overall decent.

But obviously, that is not what I want to talk about. I wish the CM visits 1 residential area a day. It is preceded by a rare cleaning up, lights end up working completely, roads that are shabby are repaired (even new ones get built). The same happened here, some kachha parking areas were suddenly done with concrete and there were more cleaners on the road than those who would be reporting to NDMC daily. I was expecting more politicians than the residents of the Hauz Khas area. That were not be, and it came as a definite positive surprise. These guys finished in time and most importantly there was more entertainment than naaras asking everyone to say -“Shrimati Sheila Dikshit ki Jai” or something like that.

Whatever number of politicians came were so easily identifiable. They inevitably have taken to white clothes as their ‘uniform’ (to show how clean they are) and black shades to cover up their eyes. This was the first time I saw something like this happening and was happy that the event did not end up as a pure political hoopla but was for the crowds. The CM though was on time as per IST (I imply something like some hours late)but with the song and dances happening, I did not hear any complaints per se. It ended with a small(really small) speech by the CM and some slogan shouting. By the time I woke up in the morning, the tents were already gone and new caterers had set foot(shaadi season is on boss). All in all, something new for me and good for the cleaning up of my colony.

I have strong dislike for the Indian polity and the politicians and was so sure of finding too many reasons to crib about the event, but the organizers did not give me too many of them. Haah! I wish everything they do gives us little or no chances of cribbing…


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