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The iPhone in India

iPhone is definitely the talk of the town now a days. This was one product launch that everyone was looking forward to. It has already been more than a week and most of us would have already gone ahead and taken a look at the iPhone. The iPhone comes to India with loads of reputation but at a really high price. I am sure the review would help you decide if it’s the right phone for you.

What’s bad?

· While I listed 3G as a “What’s good” in the IPhone, there is no 3G technology in the country as yet. Hence the internet speed we all dream of is still some distance away.

· Camera is only 2 megapixel. Though it is fairly good, some customers do use their phone as a second camera and demand better camera quality

· No video recording. The IPhone only supports still photography. This is quite a negative as the video recording comes of great use in unanticipated moments of joy.

· No MMS facility

· No Copy paste text – One has to do so word by word manually. This is quite a pain when using email.

· Multiple SMS option not available – What happens to all those friendship day, holi and diwali messages?

· No replaceable battery. Not too much of a negative given a good battery life.

· No second camera for video calls

· Price tag — 8GB for Rs 31,000 and 16GB for Rs 36,000 (approximately)

What’s good?

· An Amazing interface – The touch interface of iPhone is revolutionary. You can only use it to believe how good a feeling it is.

· BIG screen – 2 inch wide and 3 inch tall

· The Ipod inside – 8 GB is a lot of songs. Does 1500 odd songs suffice your need!!! Add to the same an amazing audio quality with/without the headphones.

· Push Email

· The attachments open better than any other  phone. The big screen makes viewing excel sheets  and word documents far easier.

· Application Downloader – This has to be the best feature of the phone. It gets you to install some amazing applications and games. The touch and feel of playing a game on

· The accelerometer – When you rotate iPhone from portrait to landscape, it automatically detects the movement and changes the display accordingly.

· BATTERY – 5 hours with 3g transfers, 24 hours of playing songs and 7 hours of playing video. That definitely is phenomenal. Even Ipods don’t give you that much of battery life. Charge with USB or power adapter.

· 3G access – iPhone gives you fast access to the Internet with the 3G technology and email over cellular networks around the world. iPhone 3G also makes it possible to do more in more places: Surf the web, download email, get directions, and watch video — even while you’re on a call. The telecom regulatory authorities have already taken a step ahead by issuing positive guidelines for the launch of 3G in the country.

These were the various important factors I think one should look at while deciding. The most critical factor though, would be the price tag attached. Rs.31000 for a phone, I think I will be buying a laptop instead. J


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