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Bihar Flood Relief

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3 Zs in the name, Himesh as the lead actor, a remake of a hit. The movie seems to have all the ingredients to make the movie goers fall asleep. I am already feeling sleepy while writing this. Watch out if you are planning to watch the movie. You may end up coming back singing – Lut Gaye, Lut Gaye, Hum Is karzzz pe (for those who have no idea, there is a song in the movie called Lut jaaon main is karzzz pe). Whats with the stupid change in spellings with additional Zs and Ks in Bollywood.

BTW, if Himesh can do it then I am also sending in my application to all the directors in Bollywood. Pls contact for lead roles only.


p.s.s – Himesh, pls pls pls stop this torture and stick to music and singing, you may judge talent shows also, but no acting please.

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