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My Guitar is here!!!

I bought my first guitar yesterday!!!The Sound is awesome! I dont know how to play a single chord though…:D. More updates later. Have learnt to strum the G,C and D majors right now.


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Simple Update!

  • I have improved my previously pathetic football skills to something worth going to the ground for.
  • I redid my music collection.
  • Went for two movies after long; Saw Sarkaar Raj and 21. Liked the latter more.
  • Loads of changes at office as number of people have left and joined. Nasir Andrabi has gone international (Singapore) for work. A new futchha has joined from IIM K and is now open to abuse by the absence of a system at the organization.[just for saving my arse sake, lemme re emphasize that I insist him not to listen to what people will tell him and work with an open mind]

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“The three mistakes…” – Reading it is a bigger one.

Please do not read “The three mistakes of my life”. The author ends up unnecessarily making a weird story out of nothing. It is so dumb that you never (while reading the book) find out what mistakes is the author talking about. When you do, you are left wondering why in the world did he waste so many pages to tell you the same. Sorry Mr. Bhagat, this books falls flat on its face in terms of “everything”.

I should have read some book on financial derivatives instead and even that would have interested me. (For the uninitiated I don’t understand a word of what’s there in finance books). Baah! I think even this much is undeserved publicity to the book. End of discussion.

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Like individuals, organizations also need to develop transparency. This transparency needs to be at three level for organizations.

  1. Transparency to self – Are we clear about what we want to do. Do we recognize ourselves as adding value to a certain niche or not?
  2. Transparency to Customers – Customers here include suppliers and users both. We need to be sure that the right message is passed across. In the long run, any form of non transparency will be severely punished.
  3. Transparency to Employees – I have a reason to believe that in a number of cases, this is the one most ignored. I am from the school of thought that says that the employees are the biggest brand ambassadors of the firm and in case they ever feel a differential between what is offered and what they get then there is definitely a problem. What happens if employees never give positive feedback about a firm, never refer employees, don’t believe in what they sell.

The senior management has to always try and achieve a good balance between privacy(secrecy) and transparency. Any deviation on either side, I believe, does not augur well for the company.

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Rajat Kapoor, of Vyomkesh Bakshi fame, is truly a good actor- both on screen and on the stage. Last evening, I went to India Habitat Centre to see this play titled – Me, Cash and Cruise which also stared Rajat Kapoor. Was accompanied by Rahul (actually it was his idea to go and watch a play). I couldn’t believe my ears when the lady at the reception counter told me that there were only balcony tickets available for a price of 50 bucks. I really really had to ask her again – “You said 50, did you?” The auditorium is a pretty decent one and the chairs comfortable enough. Right behind my seat was this familiar sardaar ji. I kind of liked the show (Chuppa Rustam) when it had started and could easily recognize him as Gurpaal. Obviously, there is nothing else to tell you about Gurpaal.

The play’s script did not appear to be gripping enough. The characters were definitely not powerful. What more than made up for the lackings were the performances. Pooja, Kashyap and Cruise were characters extremely well played. Cruise did a fantastic role and entertained the audience with his slapsticks (which were a part of his personality). But off and on were these multiple roles played by Rajat Kapoor and he does bring the stage to life. Rahul Da Cunha(director) would have had to cut a sorry face had he not been able to get some really strong performances. This was like a true masala play with its pangs of emotion, laughter and ‘trying to get a message through’. The laughter part was the only one when people clapped after the scene.

The play did not leave enough to be discussed, or appreciated except for the performances by all the four guys. Full credit for acting, but little for all else. I as a audience was getting confused if the story is about the changing face of Mumbai or the lives of Pooja, Cash and Cruise. Then there were some of these unnecessary parts where Rajat Kapoor came in(there were some where he was required too). All in all, I could just say that it was a very good time pass coz we only spent Rs. 100. And I should not forget to mention the free parking at IHC.

However, it must be said that I find it good to catch up with plays and theatre. I would like to be a more frequent visitor to new plays and enjoy the same. Just hope that the price per seat stays Rs. 50…:)

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Lightning Strikes!

I woke up this morning to the scary sound of a thunderstorm. Boy, It was a long thunderous sound which was enough to keep me from awake since 5:45 in the morning. It had been raining a bit in the night and was accompanied by strong winds and thunderstorm. The sound was so loud that I was wondering if the lightning would have actually stuck someplace and caused some damage (hopefully not). Dad n Mom were also of the same opinion. Rains in Mid may; yep u read the last few lines correct and yes I am very much still in Delhi. I had written some time back about how the weather has changed in the city and why I am concerned about it (Read Dilli ki Sardi). I am once again forced to think in the same direction.

I haven’t seen rains in may at all. The month of may used to be a one with dry scorching heat, June used to give no respite. We could breathe better somewhere in early July with Monsoon beginning to set in. However, this summer has started off on a different note all together. In terms of feel good, may has been a good month all in all as the weather gods have relented and blessed us with some rains. It definitely is not monsoon (not enough rains) but off and on we have had showers. This though, has to be a sign of climatic disturbances. The showers are accompanied with storms and powerful winds. On the 14th of may, the winds touched speeds of 104 kmph and the skies had become dark enough for Arjuna to kill Jayadrata (please refer to Mahabharata in case you don’t know the story). The stationary cars were shaking on the ground and many trees fell causing loads of traffic trouble. 104 kmph was scary but not damaging else it would have wrecked number of the Jhuggi clusters and shops under big hoardings. It was fun to be witnessing such weather though. Since then we have had 3-4 more showers accompanied by winds. None so scary though!

However, I am still left to wonder if we need to take urgent steps to ensure that the weather does not go haywire and that we are able to predict climatic cycles. Any major climatic changes would end up hurting the biggest employer of the country -agriculture. And that would definitely be very very problematic. The dependence on Monsoons is so high that planning a crop becomes super essential. Not just this, the prediction of an ice age coming sounds much more threatening with such instances. I just hope that these changes are either temporary or are a part of a natural cycle which is we can get used to. The signs though, suggest otherwise…

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Freeway Driving…

There was once a time when I could set myself in the cruise mode and go freeway driving with my thoughts. My mind would wander some seamless boundaries and brighten up my ideas. It was so easy to think! It felt good. No fear of failure, none of being termed stupid and none at all of someone making opinions about me. But as time has gone by, my mind fails me when I want it to go back on that freeway. The fear of failure scares me, more so the fact that someone is sitting there judging me on it. It does not function in the same manner as it did. No longer does it go out of the box. The box and the box only is where it searches for new corners. It is sometimes so difficult to accept that there could be a better world outside of the box, or a shorter route or a faster one or even a more enjoyable one. The treaded path is where I seem to walk continuously. Gone are the days of seamlessness. Gone are the days of freeway driving.

I only wish it’s just a temporary machine malfunction and that the freeway can still be found.

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The last few days have been bad for some regions. It started with the cyclone in Myanmar which was followed up by the China earthquake and then came the Jaipur blasts. Jaipur blasts don’t compare in terms of loss to life and property which is mammoth in the other two cases but it does send some really wrong signals towards the safety of human life in India.

The Jaipur blasts surely did shake everyone up. I for one had never heard of any sort of disturbances in jaipur. No major scandals, no murder mysteries, no politicians acting like goons and definitely no terrorist activities. That, however, is what the concern is. The terrorist outfits are no longer claiming to be fighting for a cause. They clearly are acting like killers and this should be reason enough for the govt. to start a BIG drive to wipe them off from India. Killing people in local markets, mandirs and then claiming that they want to scare the Hindus and non supportive Muslims. Bullshit!

Jaipur was considered to be a safe place and look at the kind of seeds of doubt it would have left in various minds. But then again if the seeds of doubt stay then the terrorist outfits would be successful in doing what they planned for -Scare people.

The other two incidents in China and Myanmar should keep us active enough to improve the disaster control facilities in the country. These are costs that will appear as unnecessary till the time one actually faces the same. The past experience in India in terms of disaster management has not been the best. However, I am still sure the government shall only react when the need arises. Baah! why am I even thinking about it…

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Off for a weekend!

I am off to kasauli for a weekend trip with school friends. Wish to come back really refreshed.

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Spam Control-yahoo, gmail, wordpress

Spam control @yahoo is really terrible. I keep getting (unsolicited :)) mails regarding ideas/medical wonders to do you know what. And these mails come from similar id’s and use common words/subject lines that should easily be identified by a good span control. I am surprised that yahoo being yahoo has never found a good solution to the same. I believe I will only have to every time add these unique id’s (Roselynn Emery, Juliette Fitspatrick and many similar ones) to the ‘this is spam’ category and try to keep my mailbox clean of unwanted mails.

I rarely get spam on my gmail account. But I have faced another problem on gmail. There have been these cases where a mail from my friends has been thrown into spam and I am left wondering if the mail ever left the sender’s mailbox. That is so strange as well. This one time, I was to receive a mail from my client and it never seemed to land in my mailbox. I finally found that mail just in time or i would have missed out on an important deal.

The WordPress spam control has so far been very effective. It has prevented my comments section from unwanted websites that shoot comments based on the post content using programs (what I believe are crawlers). But it has just been a few comments all this while hence I am hoping that the good work continues.

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