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The Dark Knight!

Went for a show of The Dark Knight, the new batman flick. I was just spellbound. Loved the movie. Lived so much up to the reviews in various newspapers. Solid solid acting performances, strong script, but most important brilliant characterization. Each actor in the movie has a good role to play and plays his/her’s well. The villain is like this super duper character. Somewhere in the mid of the movie, I was made to believe that such a real life villain would be extremely scary. I think this definitely is one of the finer performances off late by a character as a villain.

Batman too appears to become a stronger superhero. There is enough substance to make him come out as a hero with a purpose. He is an outlaw, someone who cannot afford to be celebrated as a hero. And he has chosen to continue to be the same outlaw. Batman’s other half, the rich Bruce Wayne is another role in which the actor fits to his best.

Action sequences are truly amazing. U gotta watchout for the shot where a huge truck is made to hang in mid air. The Batmobile converting into a bike also a really cool makeover.

All in all, a truly enjoyable action flick. Good performances, strong story line and most of all a villain that is scary. The movie does deserve a watch for sure and even a second one I would think.

And yes, The director did play his joker really well.


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First step

Inspite of having a blog for last year and a half, I have not been active on my blog on blogspot. Wanted to make a new beginning and hence have decided to move on to wordpress. There are so many things which I wanted to talk about but did not. I wish/plan to be more active with my blogging because the the weblog could just be the right place for me to express what I think. The posts shall be varied; could be anything I wish to write about. To start with – what better than a movie review.

Friday ko Sunday sunday_04.jpg

(I so very much wanted to use this heading somewhere). Went for the new release yesterday – Sunday(yep! that’s the movie name).  The movie stars Ajay Devgan and Ayesha Takia (Ain’t she just too hot) with supporting roles from Irrfan Khan and Arshad Warsi. The movie was (obviously) nothing great but proved to be an okay one time watch. Some parts of the movie were pretty comic with Irrfan providing us with us with some Nana Patekar brand of comedy. What appeared to be a comic movie in the traliers was actually a comic thriller. Some bit of gaana bajaana, some jokes and some dhishum dhishum and phut! – the movie’s ready.

The plot was pretty novel and had great potential. Ayesha can’t recollect what happened in her life last sunday. It seems to have just gone missing from her life. It all started with raphynol (the rape drug) and then the story is built around that one day. Ajay Devgan delivers yet another OK performance (Halla Bol was released recently) and Ayesha Takia manages to disappoint me once again. If she were not as hot as she is and she had not acted in Dor, I would never go for another movie of her’s. What makes the movie watchable is the jodi of Arshad Warsi and Irrfan. There are some really funny dialogues and sequences and you end up having a decent laugh.

All in all, maybe just a one time watch but nothing else beyond that. The songs are very ordinary. But wait, I saved the big surprise for the last –  Tushaar Kapoor does an item number. What has happened to the casting intelligence? Tushaar Kapoor is pathetic as a dancer and even worse in appearance on the screen. Compared to Mr. T, I am sure a Virender Sehwag could have done better as the item boy. Movie makers – pllleeeaaase don’t make the mistake again.

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