Thinking about it!

Coz there’s lot to be discussed…

That’s a Poor Joke…

Just some new PJs. Will try to add new ones as and when I find something really good…Most of these will be text messages I receive on phone. New Jokes will be added right at the top in a different colour.

Updates : Rock on Jokes added on 3rd September, 08

Q. What would the Harry Baweja version of Rock On be called?

A. Flop on!!!


Q. What would the porno version of Rock On be called?

A. Hard on!!!


Q. What would you name it if Rock On had a female band story?

A. Frock On!!!


Q. What do you call it when mother in laws participate in a race competition?????

A. “Race Saason Ki”


Q. Why is Sonia Gandhi responsible for Rahul Gandhi still being a bachelor?

A. Cos the slogan says – “Sonia Ko Bahu-mat do.”

Q. There was this river. It was surmounted by a bridge. There were number of girls on the bridge. They were crazy for this boy. What’s the boy’s name?

A. Kisna – Cos “Woh hai albela Mrig Naino waala, Jiski deeani ‘Bridge’ ki har baala, Woh Kisna hai”.


Q. What is the technical term for the knee of a madhumakhi (honeybee)?

A. Bi-Ki-Ni


Q. What Music Does L N Mittal Like?

A. Heavy METAL.


Q. Why did Santa change the name of his daughter from Shruti to Shraxis.

A. Coz Now UTI has become Axis.


Q. What name did Kailash Kher call my friend named Gautam by???

A. ‘Autam’ – Cmon, haven’t you heard his song -Tere naam se “G” loon…


Q. What’s the opposite of Naag Panchmi??

A. I Punch Naag


Q. Why did Bhajji hit Sreesath?

A. Coz Sree asked – Hum Chlormint kyon khaate hain?


Q. Sarkaar, then Sarkaar Raj, and with Aish coming to power, the next is called___________???

A. Sarkaar ‘Rai’




  1. Q. How did Madhu reward the Operations guy for having given her an excellent Turn Around Time?

    Comment by Nitai | June 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. ???

    Comment by Nishith | June 5, 2008 | Reply

  3. Why are there no more jokes here? Waiting for at least a few 😀

    Comment by Nitai | June 13, 2008 | Reply

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